HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – In recent years, AI technology has been used to create the “last Beatles record” and realistic images generated from simple prompts. However, developments in artificial intelligence have also raised concerns about military technology and the careers of screenwriters in Hollywood. But which jobs are the most at risk of being replaced by AI?

To answer this question, BetKentucky.com looked at the top 100 most common jobs in Kentucky and determined the odds that an employee might lose their job to AI over the next two decades.

According to their data, six of the top 100 most popular jobs in Kentucky have a 100% chance of being replaced by AI within 20 years. This includes laborers and freight, stock, and material movers, which was listed as the most common job in the Bluegrass state, with 61,840 employees.

Kentucky popularity rankJob descriptionNumber of employeesAverage salaryOdds of losing job to AI
77Billing and posting clerks5,300$37,250100%
1Laborers and freight, stock and material movers61,840$30,640100%
10Office clerks, general31,900$30,770100%
13Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks22,530$38,060100%
56Packers and packagers7,430$30,640100%
90Postal service mail carriers4,560$51,130100%
89Production, planning and expediting clerks4,600$46,76099%
14Fast food and counter workers22,000$21,18099%
7Fast food cooks38,740$21,07098%
47Driver/sales workers9,280$23,03096%
Source: BetKentucky.com

The study also named the jobs least likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence in Kentucky. According to their data, nurse practitioners and firefighters have only a 1% chance of losing their jobs as AI technology improves over the next two decades.


Kentucky popularity rankJob descriptionNumber of employeesAverage salaryOdds of losing job to AI
92Nurse practitioners4,550$100,2601%
100Child, family, and school social workers4,170$60,0402%
63Police and sheriff’s patrol officers6,830$47,3105%
96Kindergarten and elementary school special education teachers4,380$59,2606%
64Child, family and school social workers6,700$40,3108%
5Registered nurses43,540$62,48010%
21Elementary school teachers17,340$59,26012%
69First-line supervisors of construction trades and extraction workers6,140$62,39014%
Source: BetKentucky.com


For more information on the study, including an explanation of their methodology and the odds of the most popular job in each state being replaced by AI, visit BetKentucky’s website.