ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56) — A Georgia woman is searching for answers after being shot along Interstate 75 in Rockcastle County two weeks ago.

Now the victim is speaking out about what she says happened to her.

On the night of Oct. 17, Erica Ponder was traveling northbound on I-75 to Pennsylvania for work. That’s when she said she looked down and was shot.


“I’m riding, you know, just listening to music, riding, and then I hear a boom. So when I heard the boom, I thought I hit something.”

“So I go off to the side of the road and open my door and try to get out … I feel like a lump on my left leg. So I put my light on in my car, and when I look down, I just see blood everywhere,” Ponder said.

That night, she was airlifted from Rockcastle Regional Hospital to the University of Kentucky Hospital for treatment. She says she spent a day and a half in the hospital but is still recovering.

“I had to walk with a walker. I was on a walker for like a week. Now I am able to walk by myself. I have like a little limp when I walk. My right thigh is numb. I have no feeling in my right thigh,” Ponder said.


Ponder has been left searching for answers and said she hopes anyone with information will call the police.

FOX 56 reached out to the Rockcastle County Sheriff’s Office to see where the investigation stands. The sheriff said he has “no comment” and the investigation is ongoing.