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HAZARD, Ky. (FOX 56) – The flooding has been described as historic in parts of Perry County where people are used to seeing rivers overflow their banks.

One home in Perry County was completely moved with the only warning being the sounds of cracking foundations.

“We were scared to death like you’re going to get sucked away, watching a house go, something you think is solid. It all happened fast,” said Kelly Price.

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Price is thinking her neighbors for saving her life.

“Woke me up about 1 in the morning, the water was starting to come up over and we went and moved our vehicles,” she said.

She grabbed what valuables she could and switched the power off, running to her neighbor’s trailer.

“It wasn’t too long after that the house started to move; first bowed in, sorta hung on an electric line and the electric line snapped, and there went the house,” she said.

Price said they were surrounded by the rushing water and unable to reach any help.

“was busy and I heard it wasn’t even just here, I have a good friend in Breathitt County and she said it was the same issue there.”

Her home is now yards away from its foundations and caked in mud.

Price said she will depend on her neighbors for a place to stay and her community to help her get back on her feet.