LEBANON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Raise your glass for a toast to this Kentucky water tower.

World-renowned muralist Eric Henn’s artwork holds water, literally. Henn’s canvases typically span 100,000 square feet while being suspended 200 feet into the air. This year, three of his works are in the running to be named water “Tank of the Year“, including one in Washington County.

Onlookers have debated if the tank holds any water at all or is full of Kentucky Bourbon. Why? The tank pays tribute to the historic Maker’s Mark Bourbon distillery. It even appears as if the iconic hand-dipped bottle is being poured down the water tank’s spout.

Each year, tanks of all varieties from across the U.S. and Canada are nominated for Tank of the Year.

Until Oct. 13, the community is given the opportunity to vote for their favorite tank. Then a Tnemec committee of water tank enthusiasts chooses 11 other finalists and considers them along with the People’s Choice to decide the official Tank of the Year.


Henn’s Destin, Florida seaside tank was named Tank of the Year in 2020.

The Maker’s Mark tribute tank sits in 11th place at the time of publication. However, Henn’s Dum-Dums Lollipops water tank in Bryan, Ohio, is in the lead.

You can cast your vote and view the contenders in the 2023 competition here.