FRANKFORT, KY (WOWK) — On April 8, Kentucky lawmakers passed Senate Bill 205, which will allow the Kentucky State Treasurer to identify firms involved in energy boycotts and require state agencies to stop doing business with those firms.

On Thursday, West Virginia State Treasurer Riley Moore praised Kentucky State Treasurer Allison Ball and state lawmakers for the recent passage of SB 205.

“With the signing of Senate Bill 205 into law, Kentucky joins our growing coalition of states that have taken concrete steps to push back against the woke capitalists who are trying to destroy our energy industries,” Treasurer Moore said.

Since May 2021, Treasurer Moore has participated in national efforts to push back against President Biden’s efforts to reduce fossil fuel usage. Treasurer Moore said Treasurer Ball was one of the first to join a multi-state coalition to preserve coal, oil and natural gas jobs in the U.S.

“She understands the importance of taking collective action among our states to push back against these radical, un-American attempts to cut off capital and financing for our energy industries,” Treasurer Moore said.

A similar bill to SB 205 was introduced by Treasurer Moore and became law in West Virginia in March. In November 2021, Treasurer Moore announced a 15-state coalition of state treasurers and financial officers who want to reform banking contract processes by restricting business with banks that boycott fossil fuel companies.

“While the Biden administration seems determined on destroying America’s energy security and independence, states like West Virginia and Kentucky are leading the way to fight back,” Treasurer Moore said. “We hope more states will join our cause and pass similar laws so we can return to putting America first as the world’s leading energy superpower.”