LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – The floods in eastern Kentucky not only taking lives and destroying homes but impacting mail services as well. Leading to some post office closings.

A spokesperson for the district said several eastern Kentucky post offices are damaged from the flooding making them inoperable but said they are still making ways to get everyone their mail even with challenging circumstances.

It has been tough on eastern Kentucky the past week. But it has been even tougher on the people who have had to work through the devastation.

“Employees have performed heroically ever since the flooding started to affect the region,” spokesperson USPS Susan Wright said.

The catastrophic flooding affecting eastern Kentucky has resulted in USPS closing post office locations in the region.

“Currently in Eastern Kentucky we have 25 post offices that are closed either to severe damage to the building or they are completely inaccessible because of the road ways and bridges leading to them,” Wright said.

USPS said mail carriers will attempt delivery where and when it is safe to do so. They will not drive through damaged roads or bridges and will avoid other potentially dangerous situations But Wright said not to worry.

But as they do their job. They’re also remembering the thousands who are hurting.

“I want to thank our employees because they have performed above and beyond the call of duty, many of them experiencing their own personal losses of their own property and friends and family,” Wright said.

USPS officials said for flood victims who experienced damage to their homes. The USPS does have alternate locations where customers can go to access their P.O. box and have retail transactions.

For more information on where to go, you can visit the USPS website.