ROCKCASTLE COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56) — One lane of I75 northbound at the 72-mile point in Rockcastle County will be closed for a time awaiting pavement operations following a large inferno that occurred over the weekend.

According to the Mt. Vernon Fire Department, a commercial vehicle trailer loaded with spools of PVC tubing ignited Saturday night.

All three northbound lanes were closed for an extended period of time as fire personnel shuttled water from Berea, having to utilize the southbound lanes of the expressway.

Officials said the sheer amount of heat generated by the blaze was enough to melt the pavement and asphalt, making cleanup no easy task. Fire officials deployed large amounts of water and foam to get the large flames under control.

After hours of cleanup, the center lane was able to be reopened, and no injuries were recorded. Quick action on the part of the driver dethatching the trailer helped save his life and others.

The right lane going northbound will be closed according to Rockcastle Fire Chief Bales, as they await for the highway department to come and repave where the asphalt had been heavily damaged and was deemed unsafe to drive on under any circumstances.