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MAYFIELD, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – One of the hardest-hit towns by last week’s storms was Mayfield.

An EF-4 tornado killed at least twenty people there Friday night, including eight people who were working inside a candle factory that was leveled.

Cleanup and recovery efforts are underway. Progress has been made in the past week, but it’s been slowed because of the latest round of wet weather.

Power is slowly being restored in Mayfield. When our crew was driving into town Thursday, they noticed steel power poles had replaced the wooden ones that were splintered by the twister.

Overall, the scars from the storms will take years to heal, and will always be there to some extent.

The first few days were survival mode, families were saving what they could from what was left of their homes, many just still in shock. You can tell what happened is really sinking in, especially as we learn about the lives lost.

A memorial is putting that into perspective for many as we see faces and names of the people killed. We talked to the man who came from Miami to put up this wall of hope and his message to the community.

“A lot of what happens when these tragedies hit, people don’t know what to do. I hear people walk around like zombies,” Leo Soto said. “This is essentially giving them a little push to have a gathering spot. A place they can come together and love and not just be sad. The reason behind these pictures is that you can understand there’s a face behind each casualty.”

Donation centers across town are packed full with families coming in to get basic needs. The sheriff’s office said to drop off donations, you can take them to the Mayfield-Graves County Fairgrounds.

We also found a large setup at Mayfield High School.