LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – It is more than just people who need help in these deadly floods. Many animals are also misplaced.

Fairy Tails pet adoptions have taken in 21 dogs in just three days. After several days of rainfall brought deadly flash flooding to eastern Kentucky dozens of communities destroyed and many lives were lost.

“We currently work with Kentucky river regional animal shelter previously and when all of the floods happen we decided  to help a few dogs,” said Heather Carter.

 In Perry County, where the powerful flooding destroyed the city. Thousands of Kentuckians were forced out of their homes. Having to make the painful decision to leave their four-legged family members behind.

“Specifically at that shelter, they were without power and water, they had about a foot of water and they were already overloaded with animals before the flood even happened,” Carter said.

Now fairy tails pet adoptions is taking in pets for flooding communities to give animals shelters in Eastern Kentucky an opportunity to reunite lost pets.

“Hogan, was already in the shelter system, so we have been taking dogs that were already there so that owners with misplaced dogs can find their dogs,” Carter said.

With having to take in so many pets– they need donations.

“Dog food wired crates, puppy pads, leashes collars, food, water bowls, and kennels,” Carter said.

Shelters and rescue centers have already been full throughout the year— if anyone is looking to adopt or foster they can check out Fairy Tails pet adoptions in Winchester.