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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Some people have set their New Year’s resolution of hitting the gym into motion. Snap Fitness 24-7 in Lexington has seen that in the past and is expecting it again. 

Member Griffin Sahli has lived this lifestyle for years and emphasizes that hitting the gym is a great resolution to have.

 “I mean, five days a week probably. It just became a routine for me,” Sahli said.

Owner Jim Benson said he’ll often meet an influx of new members this time of year as people make these resolutions. Keeping the habit consistent can be daunting, and Benson said knowing your limits is key to sticking with it.

“I kind of use the motto lift to work out another day. Don’t overdo it so you feel miserable the next day and sore and beat up. The key is to slowly build on the progress that we make,” Benson said.

Whether the goal is to lose weight, build endurance, or even strengthen the immune system during the COVID era, Benson said even the smallest steps can make a difference. 

“The key concept is just to move. Whether it’s here or someplace else, just keep moving. Remain active and vigilant in building your immune system. Fitness is one of those components,” Benson said.

For some, this means starting 2022 with a change of scenery, something Sahli has always loved seeing.

“For one thing, you get out of your house. It’s something different, a new scenery. You get to see improvements in your whole body,” Sahli said.