LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — A rescue has the animals at Lexington humane society squeaking with joy. After they got a call from a woman who needed more than twenty animals to find a new home.

It has four legs, it’s covered in fur, but it is not your typical rescue at the Lexington humane society.

“I was thinking that is a lot of guinea pigs, fortunately, we have the team, the supplies, and the capacity to handle it, but the most guinea pigs we have ever had at a time was 10, so this is defiantly something new,’ Katy Stoess at the Lexington Humane Society said.

An overwhelmed owner needed to surrender more than two dozen guinea pigs. The Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control welcomed them with open arms.

“They did seem to be well taken care of, some of them had some patches when they may have gotten into disagreements with each other than that they did not have fleas or mite or anything along those lines, Stoess said.

The Lexington Humane Society said three of them were pregnant and the homeowner would have had more than 40 Guinea pigs at her home had they given birth.

“They average about four or five babies and their gestational period is barely two months so they can multiply quickly,” Stoess said.

While human teeth stay the same size and shape throughout their adult lives.

“Extricates that are specific to guinea pigs that people should be aware of for example, their teeth never stop growing so they need to get the proper treats and food to take care of that,” Stoess said.


Some of the guinea pigs are in foster homes and the others are ready for their forever home.

“We recommend adopting in pairs but we also do recommend they get along with each other first,” Stoess said.

Most of the guinea pigs are at Lexington humane society awaiting to be adopted.

Lexington Animal Control after they rescued 27 Guinea pigs.