LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Throughout the month of October, FOX 56 is teaming up with Shriners Children’s Hospital as part of its “31 Days to Amaze” campaign.

The annual event brings the community and area businesses together to further Shriners’ mission of providing life-altering care to children across the globe, including here in Kentucky.

One of those kids who has benefited from Shriners’ care is 7-year-old Clara Watts.

When Clara was just nine months old, her doctors discovered she had scoliosis, causing her spine to curve into an “S” shape.

“It can hurt sometimes, like being like nobody else, because feeling like not like the kids at school is just hard for us, and people at school say you’re special because of it,” Clara said.


Being diagnosed at such a young age, Clara’s scoliosis is classified as infantile scoliosis, something that makes up just 1% of all scoliosis cases and affects boys more than girls at a 3:2 ratio.

So that she doesn’t feel pain, Clara’s doctors created a special kind of brace for her to wear. Something she wears every minute of every day.

“My doctors take care of me so much, and I feel like they’re like my second father or mother,” Clara explained. “I feel like Shriner’s is my second home, and all the people in Shriners is my family.”

She keeps busy; playing with toys, coloring, and giving hugs to her second family are some of her favorite things. But there is maybe one thing that she loves most of all.

With the help of her doctors, Clara is singing, smiling, and feeling like a kid.

So when Clara was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, her answer was no surprise.

“A doctor at Shriners,” Clara said with a smile that went on for miles.

Clara’s message is a simple one: she loves being kind. Something we can all do.

To learn more about 31 Days to Amaze, including how to donate, visit 31daystoamaze.org.