NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (FOX 56) — Thanks to the generosity of a national nonprofit, 31 Jessamine County students have gained newfound confidence.

Bluegrass AMBUCS is part of a national initiative that believes riding your own bike is something everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy. People who may be unable to operate a traditional bicycle can now share this experience thanks to the Amtryke adaptive tricycle.

These unique trikes are designed to accommodate riders of all ages and various physical and developmental challenges. Through nonprofit fundraising efforts, AMBUCS has been able to distribute around 3,500 Amtrykes each year to people in need.

Jessamine County School’s Occupational and Physical Therapists partner with Bluegrass AMBUCS for adaptive bike fittings to foster a newfound sense of independence. JCPS announced on Wednesday that 31 of their students received a specially built, free trike through the Bluegrass AMBUCS program.

“Look at these beautiful smiles,” JCPS said. “Thank you to our JCS Occupational and Physical Therapists who partner with AMBUCS for adaptive bike fittings to help our students gain independence and have a ton of fun, and also to Bluegrass AMBUCS for providing the opportunity for these precious kiddos to conquer challenges!”

The organization offers three different adaptive bike models to meet a variety of needs. For example, a bike that allows you to pedal from the handles, has rear steering, a bike seat that resembles a chair with buckles, hand power and shifting, and more


A parent whose child was a recipient told AMBUCS “When she saw the bike, she didn’t look very happy and she said to me ‘but, I can’t use my legs.’ I told her, oh, honey, this is a special bike that you pedal with your arms, not your legs. She smiled the biggest smile and said ‘Can I ride it now?!’”

Bluegrass AMBUCS is a people-powered organization that’s always looking for volunteers for bike builds. If you’re interested in donating or volunteering, click here.