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ANDERSON COUNTY, Ky.  – Lauryn Kinne’s father sat in the front row of district court today, holding up a picture of his daughter.

On April 9, Kinne was shot at a home in Anderson County. Both she and her unborn child died. Today, we learned the four men facing charges in connection to her death will face a grand jury.

Austin Chilton, Robert Jones and Jonathan Harley are all charged with complicity to robbery. Derrick Morris is being charged with murder.

Police testified today that the four conspired the night before and planned to rob the home that Kinne was in. The next day when the group got to the home, Morris allegedly hit someone with his gun, and that’s when police say it went off, shooting Kinne.

Today, Morris’ defense attorneys argued the gunfire was an accident, and that Morris should face a lesser charge of manslaughter.

“No one gave a statement indicating the firearm was ever aimed at Miss Kinne,” said a defense attorney. “There was no plan to enter the home to cause any injury to anyone. I don’t think there has been any evidence of – definitely not an intentional act.”

But that’s not how the other side sees it.

“With a gun, with bandanas, intending to rob – people can hardly say that when they have a gun and that gun kills someone that that’s not wanton conduct,” said Anderson County Attorney Bobbi Jo Lewis.

Today, the district court judge raised the bonds of all four of the men charged in connection to Kinne’s death. Morris has a bond of $500,000 while all the others are at $250,000.