BEREA, Ky. (FOX 56) — On Saturday, Kentucky’s first beauty product vending machine was unveiled at Berea College’s Black Cultural Center.

Many students said it’s not always been easy for them to find products that fit their needs within walking distance of campus. Now, they can stock up on a wide selection of high-quality hair care and affordable beauty products.

For $15 or less, the vending machine features popular brands, eco-friendly items, and local vendors.

If students have any questions about the products inside, they can scan the QR code for help.

It also has a little something for all ethnicities, but owner and creator Melanie Day said the benefits go beyond appearance.

“I hope they get education. I hope they get inspired, self love. I hope they also see community behind them. So, it’s encouraging people to ask what if and if anything is possible and not to give up on your dreams,” said Day.


There are plans to add more beauty vending machines on other campuses across Kentucky.