LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Big changes are coming to Blue Grass Airport. Three new state-of-the-art Computed Tomography (CT) Screening Technology are being installed at its security checkpoint. It is a part of a nationwide security upgrade.

Installation should be completed by the Fourth of July weekend. But right now, only two of the three security lanes are open. Last week, one CT scanner was upgraded. TSA is installing another this week, with the final scanner going in next week. Once all three scanners are upgraded, not only will safety increase but so will efficiency.

“We are always looking for new ways to make the screening process easier for passengers,” said Mark Howell, Regional TSA Communications Director. “But safety is still the most important factor. We want passengers to get from Point A to Point B as safely and securely as possible.”

The new CT screening technology allows TSA agents to zoom in and rotate a 3D image of your carry-on bag. The previous technology only took 2D images. This gives agents a better picture of the contents of your bag. The system also applies advanced algorithms to detect explosives and other threats.

Plus, extra long lines at airport security will soon become a thing of the past. The new technology is expected to cut down your wait time thanks to fewer bag checks. Moving forward, all electronics, including laptops, can stay in your carry-on.

“As we introduce the scanners, it will take a little bit of time for employees to get use to it since it is so different from what we have done before,” said Howell. “We have seen some growing pains.”

During slow periods of the day, TSA agents practice on the new machine installed last week. In addition, all agents have taken training courses and have received the proper certifications.

At this time, the Blue Grass Airport is experiencing slightly longer waits at the security checkpoint. As a precaution, the staff advises travelers to arrive two hours before their departure time.