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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The pace of confirmed COVID-19 infections is speeding up even more right now. Cases putting additional pressure on health care systems across Kentucky

“We are having to think outside the box, we are seeing patients in small rooms that we never utilized previously. Sometimes in the hallway and I have to say that majority have been very understanding,” said Director of Emergency Services at Baptist Health, Dr. Mark Spanier.

Baptist Health in Lexington said it is hitting record numbers of hospitalizations in COVID-19 cases. Doctors said patients are experiencing longer wait times, from the time they are admitted until the time they actually get a bed.

“But, there are no beds upstairs so they remain in the emergency department which then causes the lobby in the emergency department to back up and we are seeing a significant increase there, said Spanier.

Saint Joseph hospital said hospitals being at capacity has put a big stress on emergency departments and are seeing about three hundred patients across all locations.

“Here at hospitals specifically, we have nineteen in the ICU, six on a vent, and another seventeen throughout our med surgent telemetry,” said Director of Emergency Services for Saint Joseph, Todd Gilbert.

Day after day under exhausting conditions, healthcare workers in UK have fallen victim to the Coronavirus as they care for the sickest Kentuckians.

“In our group of physicians we have had several tests positive as well and we have had to make additional backups on calls so that we can make sure that we staff our facilities,” said Dr. Roger Humphries.

Doctors said the best way to avoid being admitted to the hospital is to get your COVID-19 vaccine.