FRANKFORT, Ky. (FOX 56) — Buffalo Trace has partnered with watchmaker Original Grain to create a timepiece made from used bourbon barrels.

Original Grain has been creating collections of watches made from reclaimed materials such as beer barrels, ammo crates, exotic hardwoods, and plastic recovered from the ocean for the past decade. Now, their latest collection with Buffalo Trace utilizes reclaimed bourbon barrel wood.

The limited-edition release features 500 pieces, 250 of the Buffalo Trace Chrono and 250 of the Buffalo Trace Barrel. The Chrono edition has a 44 mm green metallic face with the Buffalo Trace tear revealing the barrel wood behind it. Reclaimed barrel wood is found in the watch band and bezel. The Barrel features hand-charred wood, just like the inside of Buffalo Trace barrels, and has gold accents on the face.

For Buffalo Trace Vice President of Global Marketing Sara Saunders, the partnership is a great chance to share their brand in a new way.

“At Buffalo Trace, we honor tradition and embrace change in everything we do, from barrel to bourbon, and we are always looking for innovative opportunities that allows us to share our products with even more bourbon lovers around the world. We’re excited to partner with Original Grain for these unique and authentic timepieces that embody our brand heritage and craft,” said Saunders.


Co-founder of Original Grain, Andrew Beltran, is equally excited about the collaboration, describing it as, “A perfect opportunity. With us being a premium, coveted wood watch brand, Buffalo Trace was the only bourbon that made sense to partner with on this project.”

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