LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – We’ve reported the story time and again. Scammers trying to take advantage of people online. But FOX 56’s reporter Georgia McCarthur became the latest target.

“I often wondered how do people keep falling for this stuff,” McCarthur said. But now she shared her own experience and the message, stay alert.

“It is easy to see why anybody would be fooled by one of these, it looks like the genuine article, they even tried to put a little hologram on it,” Heather Clary the director of communications at the Better Business Bureau.

Facebook marketplace is an online platform that connects sellers and buyers and con artist like to hid there too.

I received a message from someone who wanted to mail me a cashier’s check for a couch, I was selling then once the check cleared, he would arrange to pick up the couch, he only wanted to communicate with iMessage and Facebook messenger. When I tried to call, he blamed a bad connection.

“The more distance they put between them and you, the more often they are going to get away with it and another red flag is they do not want to talk to you on the phone,” Clary said.

The gist of the transaction was the buyer wanted the sofa but can’t pick it up right away but will give me an extra $50 if I placed the item on hold and have movers come pick the furniture up later after the scammer mailed a real-looking cashier check.
“It is even on the kind of paper you see that checks are issued on, original document, real bank issued on it. It will be easy to fall for it and unfortunately it will bounce higher than a basketball,” Clary said.

Fast forward to the day I received it in the mail it was made out for more than $1,000 over the listing price, the man said the extra was to pay movers.

“Routing numbers on it, it look just like, it is the name of a real bank, they have equipment that make it easy to churn out this,” Clary said.

Fortunately, I noticed the situation felt sketchy and contacted the bank who could not verify the fake account number.

“It is kind of a buyer and sell beware situation and you just have to follow your gut, if something does not sound right, and they are eager to get it right now,” Clary said.

The Better Business Bureau told me if you fall for this trick and “refund” the scammer by withdrawing the cash you’ll lose that money when the bank reverses the charge and the scammer will be long gone.