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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – We heard new testimony Tuesday morning from police about the shooting that left 5-year-old Malakai Roberts permanently blind. Police said that both Teyo Waite and Michael Lemond fired into a home on Catera Trace back in December, aiming for a target that was next door.

Lexington Homicide Detective Jordan Tyree told a courtroom this morning that social media posts, shell casings, text messages, and even a confession all pointed police to indict Waite and Lemond for this shooting.

Detective Tyree said that the night of December 22, Waite and Lemond went to Catera Trace to confront someone after an argument online.

Police say the pair fired into the wrong home at least 13 times, one of those bullets went through the arm of Kasey Roberts and police believe that same bullet went through the head of Malakai, leaving him permanently blind.

Detective Tyree said Georgetown Police alerted them to a gun they found that matched a weapon they believed was used in the shooting.

He said that gun was unique with aftermarket features and it matched a gun that Waite was pictured with on social media.

Police say an informant tipped them off to Lemond’s involvement and during an interview with police, he confessed to shooting into the home and placed Waite at the scene with him.

The defense for Waite argued that the social media posts and Lemond’s confession did not show that Waite fired into the home.

Judge Lindsay Thurston ruled that both cases met the standard for probable cause and moved both to the Fayette County Grand Jury.

The judge also decided not to adjust the bond for either Waite or Lemond, saying that she believed both were dangers to the community.