LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — A new wellness center has opened in Lexington, but this one is for your dogs.

Yappy Place, located in Chevy Chase, is perfect for all pups. Their most popular features include the canine-only pool and aquatic treadmills. Both are not only fun for your furry friends, but also improve their strength and endurance while minimizing pain.

There is also a large play space with activities that benefit your dog physically and mentally. The owner says she knows of several success stories from dogs who participate regularly.

“Their owners have said they’re doing things they weren’t doing before, like getting in the car on their own, or starting to go up to the second story of the house,” said Kim Badenhop, owner. “So, they’re having a lot of fun, but feeling the benefits that are helping them at home to be more comfortable.”

Yappy Place also has two automated, self-serve dog wash machines. They’re the only ones that operate like vending machines in the area. It includes shampoo, conditioner, and a blow dryer. Plus, the water is temperature-controlled for dog comfort.

Yappy Place is located at 314 S Ashland Ave in Lexington. Check out their website to learn all about what they have to offer your furry friend!