LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Kentucky’s longest-running licensed residential treatment program for women with substance use disorders had the pleasure of speaking with a special guest.

Lt. Gov. Jaqueline Coleman visited the Chrysalis House, which is a facility that allows women to keep their infants or toddlers with them while in treatment. Coleman came to learn more about the mission of this organization, with the goal of finding out how her administration can serve the Chrysalis House.


“Being here at the Chrysalis House is a welcome reminder of all the challenges that our communities face, but also the opportunities that we have when we work together and to see that the Chrysalis House, the work that they do, the partnerships that they have made in this community to help wrap their arms around the women and children that need them is heartwarming, and it makes me want to know what I can do, how I can help,” Coleman said.

The mission of the Chrysalis House is something very important to board member Lillie Ruschell. Ruschell who is in recovery herself, knows the value of community support, which is why she’s grateful for support from the lieutenant governor.

“The lieutenant governor’s support and the support from all elected officials and community leaders alike means so much to the Chrysalis House. As much visibility as we can show to bring awareness to recovery and in the community of Lexington, the better. We’re so grateful for her support,” Ruschell said.

Chrysalis House Executive Director Kama McKinney said this is the perfect way to celebrate Chrysalis House’s 45 years of service.

“I hope that the lieutenant governor takes away from her visit today that we are truly dedicated to serving women, their children, and seeing long-term goals achieved for these women. We’re going to treat each person as long as necessary to get her on good stable footing to live a successful life in recovery.” McKinney said.

More information on the Chrysalis House can be found here.