WINCHESTER, Ky. (FOX 56) – If you are looking to adopt a pet, but at a cheaper price, now’s your chance. Bissell Pet Foundation is hosting its national “Empty the Shelters” event.

282 animal shelters are participating across 42 states, nine of them right here in Kentucky.

Andreanna Wills, the Director at Clark County Animal Shelter said now more than ever they need your support.

“The last year to 18 months have been really a struggle and I think at first a lot of people went back to all the puppies that were adopted during the beginning of COVID when people were home, but really it hasn’t let up. A lot of folks are surrendering because they say they’re moving or they just can’t afford to feed their animal anymore,” said Wills.

The event starts Oct. 1 and runs through Oct. 8. During that time you can adopt a pet at Lexington Humane Society, Scott County Humane Society, and Clark County Animal Shelter for less than $50. At Clark County Animal Shelter, dogs one year or older will cost $50, cats one year or older will cost $15, and kittens will cost $25.

Wills said she is hoping the cheaper prices will get new people to adopt.

“We’re hoping that the promotion will get those pets in front of a new set of eyes, maybe some people that wouldn’t think to look here when they’re going out to adopt. Maybe they’ll see this or see one of our Facebook spots and they’ll fall in love with one of those little furry faces,” Wills said.

She also said that owning an animal is fun, but it’s not always cheap and requires a lot of work.

“What we don’t want people to think is oh, it’s a free or almost free pet, come get it and not realize the cost that’s associated with owning a pet with feeding and vet care and just the basic care that’s needed for an animal,” Wills added.

Bissell Pet Foundation gave some tips on how you should address going to a shelter to adopt.

Brittany Schlacter, Spokesperson for Bissell said, “Come with an open mind, spend some time meeting the pets. You might go in with a specific type of pet in mind and fall in love with somebody different.”

Not only are you getting a pet for a cheap price, but the animals will also be fully vaccinated, microchipped, spayed/neutered, and fully ready for your home.

If you want to know more about the event, head to Empty the Shelters – BISSELL Pet Foundation

If you want to see what pets are available and the adoption process for each shelter head to: