WINCHESTER, Ky. (FOX 56) – According to KVC Kentucky, over 100,000 children are in the foster system across the nation with over 9,000 of those located in Kentucky.

For Tonya and Brackston Duncan, the Clark County family never dreamt of adopting until their four “big kids” brought up the idea.

“We had taken a trip to Disney World, and our big kids seen lots and lots of strollers, and families with babies started asking us if we’d like to adopt kids and so that was… really they were the ones who planted the seed for that I feel like,” said Tonya.

The Duncans were open to the idea but weren’t set on it until they came across a post on Facebook that changed everything.

“When she was getting him ready for bed, he looked up at her and said thank you for taking me, nobody else wanted me and so that kind of sealed the deal for us. You know, I read that post to our big kids and they were like, yes! This is it,” Tonya explained.

They reached out to the foster care system and the following weekend two sisters from their community, Neisha and Tiara, were placed in their home.

A few years later, the Duncans prayed about what would come next for them.

After a mission trip, they thought they would be led to an opportunity for their family to help others. Instead, they got a call from their social worker that a three-year-old boy named Coltin needed a forever home, the Duncans simply couldn’t say no.

They thought their family was now complete with three boys and four girls until their social worker found Neisha and Tiara’s sibling, Octavia.

“We talked to the girls about it and our big kids. It’s always been a family decision for us, that it can’t just be our decision because it takes a village, and it takes a group effort, and everyone has to be involved. So, Octavia was the 8th child that completed our family,” said Tonya.

Although some of the older kids have moved out of the house and have started creating their own families, all eight children return for holidays and family vacations. Tonya and Brackston will never forget the pandemic because everyone came back home to social distance together. Even though the family faces challenges, the Duncans said you don’t need to be a super parent to adopt.

“We’re just a normal family doing the normal things and then we just included four other wonderful people within that normalcy,” said Brackston.

Now the family is excited to continue making memories and watch their kids continue to grow, eventually graduate, go off to college, and get married.


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