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WINCHESTER, Ky. (FOX 56) – It was a long day for Clark County parents, students, and district staff. The long day stemmed from the cancellation of in-person classes early Tuesday morning.

The superintendent spent hours meeting with school personnel and transportation staff to make sure school is back in session Wednesday. But the last-minute cancellation left many parents scrambling.

Brittany Tomerlin was one of those parents. She said she got the text that school was canceled 2 hours before her children should have been getting on the bus, leaving her with one of two options for the day.

Tomerlin explained, “My husband recently deployed, and I don’t’ have childcare besides after school so I had to make the decision to I call into work where people are already calling in or do I go to work.”

So she made the decision to load up her kindergartner and third grader and took them with her to work at a swim school in Lexington.

According to Clark County Superintendent Dr. Molly McComas, the school was switched to a non-traditional instruction day because of the number of absences between teachers and bus drivers.

Tomerlin said she’s been satisfied with the school district but added there is always room for improvement that might help curb some of these issues in the future.


Tomerlin continued, “If it’s needing more bus drivers, let’s do something about it, increase their pay, offer them more incentives, and if it’s an issue with student behavior on the buses, hold the families accountable.

McComas said the school will be back in session Wednesday and the district will continue to work with staff to resolve any issues to make sure kids can stay in school.