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SCOTT COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – In Scott County, the Stamping Ground community is starting the cleanup process after Monday morning’s storm.

A confirmed EF-1 tornado left 10 families in need of housing.

While we’re told no one was seriously hurt, it could be weeks before people are in homes again.

Monday was all about response and making sure people were safe after several mobile homes were flipped, lifted or crushed when the confirmed EF-1 tornado touched down in Stamping Ground.

Tuesday, cleanup and recovery are now underway.

Emergency Management Director Mike Hennigan says they were able to get the power back on in the park Monday night. Except for the 10 condemned homes.

The park’s owner says the storm took out their main water breaker, so they’ve been working to get water back on all morning Tuesday.

He also says everyone was able to stay with family or friends last night, but they’re of course going to have to find permanent housing solutions. He says the Red Cross has been out here working to help families financially.

The park’s owners are also working to get a couple of empty homes ready to host families who need them.

Many community members have been coming together since Monday morning to help provide food, water, and shelter because they say that’s just what you do here in stamping ground when one of your own is in need.

“We’ll come together to help those in the park as best we can. You know, with trailers, you can’t repair these, it’s a matter of purchasing,” said volunteer Larry Cassity. “So, I’m not sure what they’ll be able to do in that sense, but we’ll do what we can. This community is good for that. When the tornado happened in ‘74 we came together real quick.”

Many families are still trying to assess what they will need in the way of donations, but the EMA office is taking donations now.