LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – The first line in an emergency response is 911 dispatchers.

In Lexington, the 911 center has seen a high volume of calls this summer. But, what is behind the boost tying up the lines?

The center is divided into sectors that take calls throughout Lexington, but the challenge is separating the emergency calls from the non-emergency ones.

“We have been really busy this summer for crime stoppers, and we have seen a big increase in tips and information coming in the public,” said Bluegrass Crime Stoppers board member David Ashford.

The former chair of Crime Stoppers said there is another line you should call and it is just for crime stoppers.

“So when the public has something they want to share with Crime Stoppers, it is important they send it toward the Crime Stoppers communication path,” Ashford said.

To contact Bluegrass Crime Stoppers call 859-253-2020 or 1-877-970-2020 and it is completely anonymous.

“And alot of people are reluctant to come forward because they do not want to be engaged or may be in fear of repercussion of that,” Ashford said.

Bluegrass Crime Stoppers said community tips are important and help Lexington detectives keep criminals behind bars but they want to keep the 911 line open for emergencies that require police and fire response.

“Timely tips on crime can really impact the success of whether it is an investigation or an arrest,” Ashford said.

Director of the E911 Center said while they are having a high call volume and longer wait times she stresses that people should not hang up.

“When you call 911 you are placed to the back of the line when you call back, and sometimes that ties up the operators,’ Patton said.

The 911 dispatchers serve as the first line in an emergency response.