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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – The Fayette County Sheriff’s Office building is filling up with donations from Christmas presents for kids, to cleaning and household supplies.

On Dec. 15 they received a large donation of tens of thousands of socks.

“It’s something you can’t fathom. You see and hear of the destruction. Your heart bleeds for people and you want to do something,” said Kelly Baugh, the CEO of For Bare Feet.

For Baugh, that something was loading up a horse trailer full of 41,000 pairs of socks.

“The largest transportation method immediately was my personal horse trailer. So the largest amount that would fit was 41,000. If they need another 41,000 we will bring it,” Baugh said.

While Baugh’s company is located in Indiana, she and her family live here in Kentucky. Running her own factory, the news of Mayfield’s candle factory hit especially close to home.

“To think of your families, I mean, they’re family. Some people are third generation. You want to do something and help them. Your heart goes out for them. So we started thinking what could we do to help,” Baugh said.

Baugh knew the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office was collecting toys and supplies for the relief fund, so they started there.

A grand donation, that doesn’t surprise Sheriff Kathy Witt in the slightest.

“We don’t wait to have a crisis then say what do we do. It’s who we are every day,” Witt said. “We know our neighbors, we know our coworkers, we know our neighbors. So when something happens to a fellow Kentuckian, it happens to all of us and we rally around each other.”