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FRANKFORT, Ky. – A crosswalk that was installed two weeks ago in front of a school on a busy Frankfort road has been removed.

Back in June the state installed a new crosswalk in front of an elementary school on West Second Street in Frankfort. The crosswalk was removed two weeks later because of where the crosswalk led. Students who used it ended up in the Whitehead-Hancock Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning parking lot with no sidewalk.

Joe Hancock, Part Owner of Whitehead-Hancock Plumbing, Heating, & Air Conditioning says that with the flow of heavy traffic coming in and out of the business it was way too dangerous to have a crosswalk leading kids into that traffic.

“There’s traffic in and out of this parking lot all day and at any given point in the day. I’ve got thirty vehicles that come in here constantly throughout the day and there is just so much traffic in here, foot traffic on this side of the road is not as safe,” says Hancock.

Although Hancock feels the decision to remove the crosswalk is looking out for the children, others say the children shouldn’t have to adapt but the drivers should.

“Bottom line is that as long as I can get every child across that street and into the building and then back across the street in the afternoon, I don’t personally care about the drivers. They can sit there for an hour as long as I don’t get any kids hurt,” says Frankfort constable Richard Sandifer.

Although the crosswalk is no longer there, the superintendent says they will still continue to use the crosswalk because they say it is the only safe area for the children to cross the road.

The state has no plans of replacing the crosswalk at this time.