LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – The Lexington mother charged with killing her two young children appeared in court Thursday morning.

Nikki James, 43, was arraigned Tuesday, where she entered a not guilty plea.

Thursday, she appeared for her preliminary hearing on murder charges for her thirteen, and five-year-old children.

Detective Joshua Crowe testified about the gruesome details Lexington police discovered when they arrived 420 Rogers Rd., on May 4.


The prosecution asked Crowe about James children, “Do you know what caused their death?”

“It was multiple lacerations and stab wounds,” Crowe responded. “Multiple witnesses were reporting that there was a woman covered in blood beating on doors, and telling people to kill their kids and kill themselves.”

According to Crowe, those witnesses called the police on James. She allegedly was pounding on her neighbors doors and told them what she had done to her son and daughter.

Crowe said, “Witnesses on scene witnessed James said that he had told them that she had killed her kids and began directing officers to her apartment on 431 Rogers Rd.”

The defense asked, “So, was there one witness statement that was more significant than the others?”

Crowe responded, “There was. There was the witness outside of 420 Rogers Rd. who had a previous
personal relationship with Ms. James that stated that she told him that she had killed her kids.”

Crowe said that when police officers went inside James apartment to check on her children, “They were found to have no pulse, no breathing, and were suffering from apparent several wounds.”

James also reported to have stab wounds on herself.

“James told the officers she was trying to go home,” Crowe said. “She had an apparent laceration to her left hand. She was covered in blood, no pants, and had apparent lacerations on her body.”

Police officers also recovered evidence at the scene of the crime.

“Multiple weapons were collected at the scene,” Crowe said.

Crowe said James was slapping officers when she was arrested and taken to a local hospital. Crowe also reported that James was admitted into psychiatric care.

“At the hospital Miss James made other statements referencing that someone had killed her kids, but couldn’t kill themselves,” Crowe said.

The defense asked about an alleged welfare check the day before the murders occurred, but the prosecution objected and said it had no relevance to probable cause.

Fayette County District Judge T. Bruce Bell said he agrees with the defense that there is a mental health component to James’ case. Details of the investigation will now be heard by a grand jury.

James is booked in the Fayette County Detention Center without bond.