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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (FOX 56) — A Kentucky mother posted a video of her 6-year-old son upset because he thought she was going to be arrested.

“P’wease don’t arrest my mom,” Felix cried while wiping his face.

Felix’s mother, Tabitha Kirschbaum, recounted the “crime” in a Facebook post.

“He had a donut that he was eating in the backseat. He literally had one bite left and told me he was done and asked what to do with it… I told him that it was one thing that ones ok to throw out the window and nobody was behind us,” Kirschbaum said.

This all happened when Felix was about two or three, according to his mother, and she said he must have been “traumatized.” Kirschbaum said he brings up the story multiple times a year.

“Less than 2 minutes of continued driving he starts bawling his eyes out so I asked him what happened and what was wrong,” Kirschbaum wrote. “He was finally able to get his words out through his sobs as he reached toward the window like he lost his most precious thing and cried harder as he says ‘my donut!!!'”

But how are the police involved?

According to Kirschbaum, while Felix and his father were recently out for haircuts, Felix was overcome with the urge to talk to the police.

“I have traumatized him with this donut 😵 not sure if it’s because he knows cops like donuts or a mix of everything. He said he wasn’t mad at mama but needs to talk to the cops,” Kirschbaum said.

The two agreed to make a video to send to the Nicholasville Police Department in hopes it would make Felix feel better.

“I just don’t want my mama arrested,” he said in the video. “You arrest her, exactly, I’d cry forever.”

Officer Sam Wade with the Nicholasville Police Department responded to the video.

“I love donuts too,” Wade said, “but I understand sometimes you just can’t finish the whole thing. There was no good place to put it in the car, so we threw it out the window, but I’m sure there were lots of birds and bugs that just really enjoyed that last little bite of a sweet treat that you had.”

Wade further tried to comfort Felix before signing off his video.

“It’s not against the law to throw your donut out the window,” he said. “We are not going to arrest mom, and I want you to have a great day.”