RICHMOND, Ky. (FOX 56) — EKU faculty and staff are campaigning for better wages and against a hiring freeze.

Unionized faculty at Eastern Kentucky University are calling for the school to pay all staff for working conditions they see as fairer to faculty.

“Everyone is feeling the pressure of extra work without extra compensation,” Kean said.

Concerned members have joined Kristen Kean, the united campus workers of Kentucky looking for help in getting their voices heard by administrators on campus.


“I have signed the petition, it is addressing the soft hiring freeze that EKU started this semester,” Kean said.

The union’s petition asks for several things from administrators, including a 10 percent raise for all workers and a commitment in writing to restore staffing levels in all departments.

“We had a very small COA increase, I think it was maybe 2%, and of course with the rising prices of food, and all our insurance prices, it negated. It did not appear in our paychecks,” Kean said.

Data from the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy shows EKU increased its fees by 3% which was among the highest hikes of any of the state’s public institutions. At the same time, the university cut staff and faculty positions.

“I know for the staff in our department, our administrator is severely overworked, we normally have two administrators in the main office and now we only have one,” Kean said.

We reached out to EKU administration for a comment and have not heard back by the time this story aired.