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MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – A recovery community center in Lexington is helping people in Madison County fight the opioid epidemic.

Voices of Hope partnered with the Madison Opioid Response and Empowerment Program to place NaloxBoxes within the county.

The boxes contain Narcan.

Officials said the box is similar in concept to having an AED on the wall.

Drug recovery advocate Michael St. John said he gave a friend Narcan because he was overdosing. He said the 180-degree turnaround from near-death to life left him speechless.

“You can’t put words on it but to see him get another fresh breath of air and then see him go on and do something about his life,” St. John said.

Eleven boxes were placed in 10 locations across Madison County.

St. John visits inmates in the Madison County Detention Center to continue his work to fight drug addiction. He said 8 out of 10 inmates there are locked up due to drug-related offenses.