LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The city of Lexington seeing its first homicide of 2023. Police said it was 24-year-old Marquis Tompkins Jr that was shot and killed.

The victim’s grandmother said this is not the first time she’s had a loved one murdered.

“Tears are just flowing. They come from nowhere. I mean, I just cry. He’s hurt. That was his baby brother,” said Mayberry.”

In the midst of Andre Maxberry mourning the death of her grandson who was shot in 2020, another one was killed on Monday.

“Quis is a very lovable guy. He was loved by everybody. I want the chief and the mayor to just listen to some of us. I want them to have a sit down with these mothers and these grandparents and hear us and feel what we’re going through,” said Mayberry.”

Lexington police said they found Tompkins in a car near the 500 block of Toner Street suffering a gunshot wound. The news Maxberry said is just all too familiar.

“Everybody is numb. You’ll look over at somebody and all of a sudden you’ll see tears and then somebody will come in and do a little dance that he did or say something that Quis used to say and it’ll make you laugh and then the next thing you know, you look over and somebody else is crying,” said Mayberry.

The grandmother believes Tompkins’s troubled life stemmed from the grief of losing his brother.


“And it has affected him so much. It affected all of us. So much for Mykel Wade to be gunned down the way that he was gunned down and didn’t deserve it. He didn’t to be honest with you,” said Mayberry.”

Maxberry believes she has information that could lead to making the streets safer. But the city hasn’t responded to her tips. She hopes that will change.

“I was coming down here, given so much information and I would because I feel like if they would take the information that they so-call asking for the public to release to them and they utilized it in the right manner, it’s possible that my grandson could still be living to this day,” said Mayberry.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Lexington Police Department at (859) 258-3600. Anonymous tips can be submitted to Bluegrass Crime Stoppers by calling (859) 253-2020, online at bluegrasscrimestoppers.com, or through the P3 Tips app available at p3tips.com.