LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Lexington renters, who were flooded out of their apartments the week of Christmas, got big wins inside a courtroom Tuesday.

About 16 eviction cases were presented in District Court Tuesday, involving tenants of the Veridian Apartments who were represented by the Lexington Fair Housing Council. The complex experienced massive water damage and loss the week of Christmas, when an arctic blast passed through Kentucky, busting pipes and causing unlivable conditions.

The Veridian issued evictions to repair certain apartment units.

However, Judge John Lindsay Thackett dismissed 10 of the eviction cases; the others were either scheduled for jury trials or the tenants did not appear in court.

Heather Pechatsko, a tenant of The Veridian and a member of the Kentucky Tenants’ organization said, “I am completely overjoyed. It made me so happy to get that text message.”

Pechatsko said the Fair Housing Council’s presence in court made all the difference.

“It’s important for every tenant to be able to have an attorney. It evens the playing field and making sure the court system is working for everyone,” Pechatsko said.

Stefanie Ebbens Kingsley, housing attorney with The Kentucky Equal Justice Center said, “Any time you get a bunch of dismissals, it’s a good day.”

Kingsley said Lexington helped many of the Veridian tenants out with rental assistance payments, yet they were still issued evictions.

“All of these evictions came as a surprise to us,” Kinglsey said. “That’s an untenable situation when affordable housing is so scarce.”

Kingsley represented many of the Veridian tenants in court Tuesday.

“It’s really just a recovery of damages for folks who were without water for eight days — whose ceilings caved in on them, and all they were offered were two gallons of water,” Kinglsey said.

Kinglsey said that the Fair Housing Council had attempted to reach a global resolution for all of the impacted tenants, and the Veridian council refused. Kingsley said there are still other tenants who are fighting to have their rent for that week in December reimbursed, and will have to prepare to take it to small claims court. Kinglsey adds that the same attorneys who helped Tuesday are willing to help with that fight.


“Because I think that’s what’s important for people to hear today. There’s help available, should you want to stay, and should you want to pursue your rights in court, there is absolutely a remedy,” Kinglsey said.

FOX 56 News reached out to Attorney Jennifer McCoy who is representing the Veridian Apartments for comment and is still waiting to hear back.