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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WDKY) – We’ve heard about how panicked dogs can get with fireworks going off in the sky. But they aren’t the only animal who can get spooked with all of those explosions.

The horses at Old Friends Farm are retired and enjoy their peace and quiet.

They didn’t always get it.

“When we first moved here it was a problem,’ said Old Friends founder Michael Blowen. “They were shooting fireworks and bottle rockets over the paddock and the horses really got spooked and I was really afraid for their safety and frankly afraid for the safety of the people shooting off the fireworks because if they broke through the fence it could’ve caused a lot of trouble.”

Blowen says they started sending out letters, letting their neighbors know about their concerns.

Their neighbors responded, something Blowen appreciates.

He says the horses they have, have been through a lot already.

“We’ve had some really serious thunder and lightning storms the last few nights and I don’t think they distinguish much between fireworks and thunder and lightning. And they’ve come out of it very very well,” said Blowen.

But younger horses, at farms near them, may not respond as well.

“I’ve seen them tear through the fence. Not with fireworks but with thunder and lightning.”

That’s why they ask people who live near these mighty animals, to be considerate, like their neighbors, for everyone’s safety.

Blowen says one good thing about being so far out is that the bigger fireworks shows in Lexington and Georgetown don’t have much of an impact, so while they get to see the fireworks those aren’t as big of a deal for the horses.