LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Fayette County Public Schools is moving forward with multiple construction projects.

In a meeting on Monday, the board voted unanimously to hire Rising Sun Developing to build a new 172,000-square-foot middle school on Polo Club Boulevard and to purchase 28 acres of land in the Masterson Station area for a new elementary school. The projects had previously been on hold due to inflated costs.

Additionally, the board has agreed to seek bidders to convert the old newspaper building on Midland Avenue into a career and technical education center.

“Today’s board decisions will help us alleviate crowding in our district middle schools, lead the state in preparing the workforce of tomorrow, and position us to stay ahead of crowding at the elementary level,” said Fayette County Board of Education Chair Tyler Murphy. “Our Board’s actions continue to balance both the needs that currently exist in our district while preparing intentionally for the future.”

Superintendent Demitrus Liggins said he is creating a task force made up of students, employees, and local leaders to generate input from the public regarding the projects.