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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (FOX 56) – Statistics show car-related incidents are the leading cause of death for safety officers. Now, the Georgetown Police Department is showing off new technology to help decrease the numbers.

It’s the new Guardian Angel Lights, which make officers easier to see when directing traffic. 

The Guardian Angel Light was made with one goal in mind, officers said this light was made for officers to make it home safely.  

A spirit believed to watch over and protect a person or place.

“A light that is magnetic it has a piece that can fit right underneath your eplit here and show you how it works and it clips on,” police Cpt. Josh Nash said.

A guardian angel light now on Georgetown police officers’ shoulders.

“If we are working a traffic detail or working a parade or out on a traffic stop, we can wear them at night, I can hit the button for rear and it will turn the rear lights on,” Nash said.

Visibility on the job can be the difference between life and death. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health said, in the last 10 years on average an officer has been killed on the roads every week.
“You would think oh we have lights on our police cars and those will be enough which is true to a certain extent but we are not always in our police cars next to our vehicles with the lights on,” Nash said.
From traffic stops to responding to 911 calls, the amount of danger inherently present in these situations can be amplified by darkness.

“A collision can be a really big scene and we might be walking in the roadway and cars do not know where to go but they can see the flashing lights,” Nash said.

The light has several different glow options depending on an officer’s situation.

“You can turn the directional on and you can tell people to move over like the actual light bars that we have on our vehicles,” Nash said.

 Nash said their safety gear is not always enough.

“Even having a reflective vest on the reflective vest only work with the headlights hit you,” Nash said.

The light can be seen from up to 5 miles away.