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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (FOX 56) — The Georgetown Police Department is warning residents of a circulating PayPal scam.

Police said they’ve received reports of victims getting an email, or sometimes a text, with a link claiming to be from PayPal.

Georgetown police shared some examples of email scam scenarios:

  • “Your account has been limited”
  • “New login from Unknown Device”
  • “You made an unauthorized payment

These emails include links that prompt victims to secure their accounts or click to confirm their identities. Once clicked, authorities said it could give remote access to computers and all accounts saved on it.

“Never give anyone that you don’t know access to any devices, including computers and cell phones. Password and financial account information could be saved on the device and by providing access, you are essentially giving scammers passwords and log-in information,” Georgetown police said.

The department shared tips on how to recognize a “genuine” PayPal email versus a scam:

  • Hover over the URL to check the link and confirm address. It should start with https:// followed by
  • Check for a heightened sense of urgency such as, “Act Now!”
  • Check for typos or poor grammar
  • PayPal never asks for a credit card, bank account, driver’s license, or insurance numbers in emails
  • Never click on any attachment
  • Make it a habit of visiting the main website directly and checking for new notifications