GEORGETOWN, Ky. (FOX 56) – If you use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. it can be easily assumed you have had your feed flooded with back-to-school pictures this week.

Although these posts are all in good fun, police are trying to get people to think twice before posting.

“But at the same time, it is important to realize that other people are online as well, especially on social media,” said Lt. Mitchell Lair of the Georgetown Police Department. “There is people out there that may want to do you harm, or do your child harm.”

When it comes to these back-to-school posts, Lair said it is important to not reveal too much about you or your child and a good place to start is with what your kid is wearing.

“When we talk to kids as far as like, when you go out and wear your T-shirt that said Scott County Schools on it or maybe a specific school within the Scott County School District,” Lair said. “That identifies what school you go to so if someone is looking for you specifically, they know that you belong to that place.”

Another potential identifier to be mindful of boils down to one word.

“Location, location, location,” said Lair. “Obviously I wouldn’t pose them in front of your home or necessarily the school they are going to. We want to make sure no one knows where your kid is going to school or the home that they live at any way that they can identify the location where your kids could be. Or yourself for that matter. It is good advice for us all, not just your kids.”

Aside from potentially putting your family in physical harm by revealing too much, you could also be putting your private data in jeopardy.

“Lot of those things that are posted, are memories and you would use them for your passwords too,” Lair said. “So it is something that someone who is clever enough who could articulate and piece those things together could possibly figure out some of your passwords, some of your more secure accounts.”

Overall, if you feel that someone is trying to inflict harm on you or someone you know, Lair says to reach out to your local police immediately.