GEORGETOWN, Ky. (FOX 56) — An iconic art piece lost in the eastern Kentucky floods is being reborn.

Artist Dan Barnes was commissioned by Appalshop to recreate the glass sculpture. The iconic piece known as “Sun Quilt” was destroyed in the devastating floods that struck eastern Kentucky in 2022.

Hearing of this tragedy, Barnes recreated the piece and donated it so once again, the beauty of eastern Kentucky can be identified through this colorful symbol of hope and unity. They are calling this piece “Sun Quilt 2.”

“It was a very emotional moment for me to be able to give back. I’m a Kentuckian,” said Barnes. “Hopefully, it will be a beacon of light that they can use from now until the Appalshop itself is recreated because they’re going to have to start over. So, I’m hoping that this can be the symbol of the rebirth of Appalshop.”

The piece was unveiled at the Kentucky Crafted Market on Saturday.


The sculpture will be displayed at Appalshop when restorations are done.