LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The general election is months away, but the candidates for governor are wasting no time hitting the campaign trail.

Gov. Andy Beshear continued day two of a statewide bus tour on Saturday with his first stop in Lexington.

The Saturday morning event was spent at West Sixth Brewing, where he made his case for reelection, talking about his plans to unite Kentucky and improve the state.

“What you see is an incredible amount of energy,” Beshear said. “Officially kicking off the campaign with larger crowds than we have ever seen, everywhere we go. Both Democrats, Republicans, independents, and other people—anyone who believes in a better Kentucky is coming out.”

“We have more work to do and I’m committed to supporting our economy, schools, and all Kentuckians in every zip code,” Beshear shared on Facebook.


According to Beshear’s website, the tour will make stops in Louisville and Newport on Sunday.

The Republican Party of Kentucky released a statement in response to the tour:

“Joe Biden and Andy Beshear both campaigned as moderates but they’ve catered to the whims of the far-left wing of the Democrat Party,” RPK spokesman Sean Southard said. “Fewer people are working today than the day he took office. Crime is up across Kentucky and he’s just sat on his hands. Our students still haven’t recovered from his school shutdowns. He’s even botched the response to tornadoes in the west and floods in the east. No number of bus stops is going to make up for Andy’s failed leadership. We need to make sure we elect Daniel Cameron and the entire Republican ticket this November and rid ourselves of Joe Biden’s man in Kentucky.”

Camille Hantla contributed to this story.