RICHMOND, Ky. (FOX 56) — The Richmond City Commission approved an order to purchase 280 acres of property for $52 million to develop a new regional sports complex and park.

“Richmond is poised for even greater greatness. This day is an example of our being poised,” said Mayor Robert Blythe.

Now two years later city officials invited community members to the site for a groundbreaking ceremony.

“This park will have something for pretty much everyone, but most importantly, it will provide opportunities in areas that we are critically in need of in the city, including more soccer fields, lighted soccer fields, turf soccer fields, and of course, the host of Pickleball Courts, the fastest growing sport in America. It will provide space for accessible trails with natural walking trails, football fields, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, playgrounds, disc, golf and more,” said Dan McBride, vice-chair of the Richmond Parks and Recreation board.


Operating with full state-wide and regional youth soccer tournaments, it is estimated the park could boost the local economy by more than $7 million each year with additional business for restaurants, hotels, and other merchants.

“Is it going to help alleviate some concerns we have with not enough field space, particularly for soccer? It’s very, very much a growing sport. Pickleball, we know, has exploded throughout the country. And so it’s going to provide 12 pickleball courts. So it’s going to meet a lot of needs of the city,” said Board Member Dr. John McChesney.

The park is expected to open in the Spring of 2026.