LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — April is National Donate Life Month, and Donate Life KY is partnering with the University of Kentucky softball team.

As part of the partnership, the first pitch of Friday and Saturday’s games was thrown by an individual whose life was saved because of an organ donation. Sunday’s game will also have a special guest throw out the first pitch as well.

The first pitch on Friday was thrown by Kentucky pediatric heart recipient Brynn, who was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy at birth. An organ donation saved her life before her second birthday.

Saturday’s game was started by another Kentucky pediatric heart recipient, Story. She experienced severe heart failure from a congenital heart defect when she was seven months old. She received her donor heart in 2014 and will turn 10 in October.


Sunday’s conclusion to the weekend event will see Kentucky pediatric heart recipient Aubree throw the first pitch. Aubree, who was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy when she was only four months old, is celebrating her 10-year transplant anniversary this year.

Educational material about Donate Life KY, National Donate Life Month, and the mission of expanding the organ donor registry has been made available before each game.

“There are more than 1,000 Kentuckians in need of a life-saving transplant,” said Shelley Snyder, Executive Director, Donate Life KY. “Last year, we witnessed a record year of lives saved through organ donation. This year, we launched our wildly successful `Save My Human` campaign, and now, we`re blazing into Donate Life Month and continuing the momentum. We want to thank UK for using its platform to help us spread this life-saving message. During this weekend, we hope everyone will join us to help us raise awareness of this critical need by lighting up blue and green or wearing our signature colors. Together, we can continue to help save lives.”

UK HealthCare is the largest transplant center in Kentucky, with over 5,500 transplants being performed since 1964. In recognition of Blue and Green Day and the thousands of lives that have been saved by organ donors., the University of Kentucky’s Main Building and the William T. Young Library will light up blue and green.

According to Donate Life KY, over 60% of Kentuckians are registered as organ donors, but the organization is pushing to hit the 100% mark.

To learn more about this initiative, click here. To learn more about how you can participate, visit the event page on Donate Life KY`s Facebook.