FLAT LICK, Ky. (FOX 56) – Nationally, gas prices are on the decline. In Lexington, prices have dropped about 10 cents since last week. But in some places across the Bluegrass, the prices are even lower.

In Knox County, drivers are getting relief at the pump after the Flat Lick Wildcat Market decided to keep their low prices going after the initial drop in April.

Manger, Jessica Anglin, explained, “Our owners decided we would run it at this location and see how it went and how the community felt about it.”

The price drop is going over well with customers, who must adjust because of the rise in prices.

Drive TC Warren said, “Well to start with it’s hard enough with the economy the way it is. Milk has went up. Groceries went up. If I can walk anywhere or carpool with anybody I sure do.”

Wednesday, gas was $3.69, a whole dollar cheaper than the highest price in Lexington. Store owners said the move to drop prices was made to give back to the community.

Anglin continued, “We are doing 0 profit on our fuel now. We just want to help the community with rising cost of groceries, gas station prices, and even the truckers that are paying out more to bring us our stuff. We just thought we’d help the community out.”

The station said it will keep its gas prices low and continue paying it forward.

Anglin added, “A lot of these people are living paycheck to paycheck or monthly check to monthly check the income here is lower so it’s nice to do this in a community like this one.”

Warren echoed those sentiments. “It’s a big drop. A dollar a gallon, is the difference between someone getting home or going to see their loved one and traveling.”

All three of the Wildcat Market locations; Flat Lick, Harlan, and Manchester are offering this deal.