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RICHMOND, Ky. (FOX 56) — Madison county residents are healing and still trying to figure out what happened at the home of former state representative Wesley Morgan that led to his daughter’s death.

According to Kentucky State Police, a person with a gun entered the Willis Branch Road home between 3:45 and 4:30 Tuesday morning.

Wednesday, Wesley Morgan opened about the tragedy that has struck his family.

Wesley said he is recovering just fine physically after being shot 3 times. But he said he’ll never be able to fully recover emotionally, after losing his first-born daughter, Jordan Morgan.


Morgan said, “I’m heartbroken. I can’t understand why and would give anything on this earth if it would have been me rather than her, I’d much rather it’d been me.”

The 32-year-old Jordan was killed in the home invasion.

Wesley said the shooting happened just hours after Jordan went to bed.

Morgan explained, “The last thing we did was watch an episode of 1883. She got up put her arm around me and said ‘I love you daddy’ and I said ‘I love you too’ and then she went to bed and that son of a (expletive) killed her.”

Wesley said he was shot 3 times; 2 in the arm and once in the hip.

The news of the shooting shocked the Madison County community. Amanda Marcum met Jordan when she moved to Kentucky in 2007. Marcum’s grandmother works with Jordan’s mother, Lisa Foster. Marcum said the two quickly became friends after being introduced by the grandmother and Foster.

Marcum said, “She was such a strong personality and a strong person. She loved her family and loved her dog so much. I’ve thought about Gucci, her dog, that breaks my heart to even think about him missing his mother.”

The recently hired associate attorney is remembered as a kind, loving, and intelligent. Friends and family bragged about her smarts.

KSP said details at this time in the investigation are limited including who the shooter is and how they got in the home.

But officers are encouraging the public to be vigilant.

Wesley Morgan is hoping to get both justice for Jordan and closure for his family.

Morgan added, “I’ll be 72 in July. My life will never be the same until the day I die I will think of her, yes I will.”

Investigators will be at the scene for as long as it takes to develop any leads in this case.

KSP added it’s too soon to determine a motive in the shooting.