LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Every year, Lexington Elementary School really drives home the theme of anti-bullying. Students say they’ve learned a lot from this lesson.

Bullying in schools can have lasting impacts on a student, especially at younger ages. The faculty and staff at Deep Springs Elementary are working hard to provide a safe learning environment so that no students will have to go through that. School counselor Anitrea Burks started what’s known as ‘Buddy, not a bully week.’ It’s a week full of fun themes meant to emphasize how close relationships with classmates can eliminate bullying.


“We’re an elementary school, and we make things fun and exciting. Even though it’s a serious topic, how can we get our kids engaged into what we really want them to know? We come up with themes for each and every day,” Burks said.

Students are taught to recognize, report, and refuse when it comes to bullying. The idea is to make sure students also know what to do should they ever witness bullying. Arius Hall and Brice White are both fifth-graders at Deep Springs Elementary. The two students say they’re thankful for these lessons.

“We went to the cafeteria and learned about Buddy, not a bully week. We talked about not bullying people and respect,” Hall said.

“I think my favorite part all about Buddy, not a bully week is learning about how we report bullying,” White added.


Principal Adam Kirk has seen the results of what events like this can bring, which is why he’s always happy to participate and watch these students grow.

“Besides growing kids academically, socially, and emotionally, we want them to have fun. This is a way that we can get all of those under one umbrella,” Kirk said.