LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Natural Christmas trees are expected to cost 10-15% more this season due to the cost of fertilizer and fuel making it more expensive for local farms to produce their crop. Sunday was the last day to chop down a tree at Barker’s Christmas Tree Farm, but reservations were fully booked for the day.

Customers said the rising prices won’t stop the tradition of cutting down a tree, something that families have continued for years. “We like the smell of them and just the tradition with family and having all of our kids together,” said Tara Ramsey, a customer at Barker’s.

Many families said they were expecting to pay over $100 this year, but Barker’s Christmas Tree Farm kept their prices low to try and accommodate every family. Some trees even being as low as $40 despite the farm also being hit hard by inflation.

“It’s impacted our business like anyone else, I mean we’re still getting plenty of customers, they might be just buying a smaller tree this year and fitting it in their budget, but as far as selling trees, we’ve done real well. It just cost you more to raise them every year,” said Dale Barker, owner of Barker’s Christmas Tree Farm.

Inflation is also impacting the price of artificial Christmas trees. Even though it’s a long-term investment, families say you can’t put a price tag on the memories that come with chopping down your own and decorating it together. “This isn’t something you can buy in a Walmart aisle or in the grocery store aisle, it’s more about making memories for the children and just getting out and doing things with our family,” said Lyndsay Whitley, a customer at Barker’s.

To find a Christmas tree farm near you, head to Kentucky Christmas Tree Association.