LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – A Lexington grandmother is wanting to make a difference, both in her grandchildren’s futures and the community’s.

She wears another hat as an inventor and is raising money for her vision to become a reality. Lavette Jacobs’ idea came in 2019: a wheelchair that can both lower and lift her from the ground.

“I slip down sometimes and it’s hard for me to get back up so I started thinking what could I do to help myself,” Lavette Jacobs told FOX 56.

Faced with a problem, Jacobs saw an opportunity. She has had both knees replaced, but with three young grandchildren, she doesn’t want to miss out on the simple joys of making memories

“They always say ‘granny it’s okay you know you can’t get down but one day you will,’” Jacobs said.

She’s patented her plans for a wheelchair called “Lift-Me-Please.” She’s working with Pittsburgh-based Davison Inventions to turn the vision into a reality and add in ideas like Bluetooth connectivity and an app to operate the chair.

“They accepted the drawings and they’re making drawings off my drawings and now they’re putting it together. I have 40 companies want to look at it and I also have Shark Tank wants to look at it,” she said.  

Jacobs sees her invention one day helping elderly and being used in the medical field, but as much as she wants to help her community, the passion behind her project is her grandchildren.

“I would love to pay for all their college, I would love for them to travel and see the world that there’s more and books will get them there,” she said.

Jacobs wants to build a better future for her grandchildren and believes her machine will be the foundation.

“That’s all I’m trying to do is make sure they have a life,” she said.

Jacobs’ invention is not yet fully funded. She’s paid roughly $6,200 to Davison of the invention’s roughly $12,000 cost. If you would like to help, she has set up a GoFundMe fundraiser.

FOX 56 confirmed Levette’s project with Davison, however a spokesperson could not comment on the invention idea until it is on the market. The company said this is due to strong company policy on “idea security.” If you are interested in learning more about the company or sharing an invention idea visit Davison.com/ideas or call 1-800-54-IDEAS.