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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – On the second anniversary of a 2020 murder, one of Lexington’s 34 homicides that year, a family is renewing its plea for help.

Two years ago today, Darell Price was shot and killed. Now the family is longing for a break in the case that has gone cold.

It has been two years since Price was laid to rest here and it still weighs heavy on the families hearts.

“I am sad that we are going through this, I am sad that my family has had to go through this, and we are still going through it, and I am glad my sister has not gave up because I know it is tough,” the Price’s sister Shayla Moberly said.

At the Highland Memorial Cemetery is a gravestone engraved with the name of a loved one.

“It is very hard to come here to see my brothers head stone and look down at dirt and talk to him and wish we was talking to each other,” the victim’s sister Soraya Moberly said.

Two years after the murder, visits to the gravesite have not gotten easier as the family still waits for justice for 31-year-old Price. He was shot and killed in July 2020 on the 500 block of Chestnut Street Leaving Behind his only daughter.

“He was a great father and loved his daughter, this is going around rapidly destroying families, leaving children fatherless and it very sad,” Soraya said.

Nature’s sounds fill the silence but the cries for justice ring louder. “It has been hard to watch them go through it, Lexington is different,” Shayla said.

“My brothers life was cheated by a coward, a lot of people seen my brother get murdered but no one wants to tell anything,” Soraya said.

This is a case with no leads and crime stoppers hopes someone will come forward.

“This anniversary we know had Darrell sister come in and talk to us watching the families speak seeing emotion it really brings it to home but they do not have closure on this, we want justice just as much she does”, Crime Stoppers Coordinator Detective Anthony Delimpo said.

Police said anyone who may have seen something should say something and contact Crime Stoppers.